Introducing you to "The Beauty Club's" skincare product range that powerfully aids in rejuvenating and repairing aging and damaged skin.

Retinol (Vitamin A or Beta-carotene) is a naturally-occurring vitamin that performs as a skin normalise. It helps revitalise skin that has been damaged. It helps revitalise skin that has been damaged, dried out by the sun's rays, pollution, temperature or humidity extremes, or by wind. It is even effective in treating skin adversely affected by make-up and medication.

It has been discovered that orally ingested vitamins from either our food, or from vitamin supplements are not always transported to the skin in sufficient quantities to provide the required concentrations to maintain healthy, radiant skin. Fortunately, derivatives have an excellent absorption into the epidermal (outer) layers of the skin, and help to stimulate the growth of new, and younger looking cells. It will help you to look healthier, younger and softer, your skin will begin to repair itself and be protected for the future.

Retinol though does not work to its full potential without the support of a number of the finest available ingredients that we have formulated into our crème. one of these a special, high activity Vitamin E Natural Complex, an antioxidant that is formulated to help recondition leathery, old looking skin which is so often the unwelcome effect of long-term exposure to the sun and airborne pollution. Another ingredient is Conjugated Glycopolypetides. This extraordinary protein molecule, prepared in Switzerland, restores moisture to dried-out skin cells. It has the amazing property of being able to hold 500 times its weight in water, which it makes available directly to your skin.

The crème is light, non-greasy and non-oily. It is not a make-up or cover-up. When applied it goes on easily and evenly and is absorbed almost at once. You can apply make-up or sun block immediately. In fact make-up will retain a fresh, glamorous look much longer.

The Beauty Club Retinol is not only beneficial for older women to restore to youthful skin, but is equally voluble for younger women who are quite young and want to continue to keep a youthful looking skin.